From Ball State to GVC Mortgage

Growing up I was obsessed with sports, branding, and technology – I still am. These obsessions led me to Ball State University to pursue a degree from their TCOM program.

My real aha moment was when I decided to pursue a Digital Media minor my sophomore year. By the time I graduated in 2008 I knew I wanted to focus on a career in digital marketing.

That August I joined the Central Indiana Tennis Association. Within the first few months I transformed their website into the top district website in the Midwest Section.

In 2010, I increased their website traffic by over 500% through referral traffic from social networks and email marketing. I also increased their email newsletter click-through rate by 15% through a featured story initiative.

Other local tennis organizations took notice of what I was doing and I was approached to help improve their websites and branding. This resulted in doing freelance website, branding, and design work for clients outside of tennis.

In 2012, I joined GVC Mortgage, Inc. Within the first few months I rebranded our corporate identity and relaunched our corporate website.

Since then I have grown our marketing department, developed thousands of digital and traditional marketing resources for our salesforce, and continued to improve our brand.

In 2016, I was promoted to GVC’s executive leadership team. I consider myself extremely lucky to work for such a great company where I get to do what I love everyday.

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